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With over 25 years of experience DCCI is a company dedicated to providing government marketing and selling solutions to the business community. These solutions include primarily Governmental programs such as attainment of SBA 8(a) Certification status, Federal Supply Schedules (GSA), SBA HubZone Certification, and strategic relationships with consortium partners. The principals have earned an unprecedented reputation and the experience gained means DCCI should be your "beacon of hope" in the competitive world of government sales. Let DCCI guide you through your GSA schedule preparation and administration or SBA 8(a) Certification process.

GSA Schedule Preparation -
Under the Schedules Program, the General Services Administration (GSA) enters into contracts with commercial firms to provide supplies and services at stated prices for given periods of time. Most schedules are awarded for a period of five (5) years with extension opportunities to twenty (20) years.


We can help you win a GSA contract that will:

§  Increase your sales, revenues and profits

§  Eliminate massive proposals

§  Reduce competition

§  Have a 5 - 20 year performance period

§  Give you access to all Government buyers at every location 

Here's a summary of what you get:

§  Professional, courteous service that fits your sucinct business model and business practices

§  Unlimited discussion regarding your offer

§  No hourly time limits.

§  Over 30 years of combined government procurement experience.

A GSA Schedule is one of the best investments you can make!

Selling to the world's largest "recession-proof" client (the federal government buys what it needs, when it needs it, in spite of economic conditions).

The U.S. Federal Government is the largest customer in the world, and becoming a GSA Schedule Contract holder is the first step to effectively marketing in this competitive marketplace. It establishes you as a preferred provider, and offers federal customers direct access to your products and services so they can make purchases quickly and easily.

For many companies a GSA schedule is the springboard into the government sales arena and for others it is the primary vehicle through which they conduct all their business.

Schedule Compliancy
Has your organization recently fallen out of GSA compliancy? Are you tired of the administrative responsibilities that are required by holding a GSA Schedule? Is your time better utilized on running the day to day operations of your organization? Let DCCI, LLC help!

During this highly competitive environment, it has become extremely important to be compliant with your GSA contract requirements. Trade Agreements Act, GSA Advantage uploads, 72a quarterly reporting, and mass modifications are just some of the areas that a GSA schedule holder must manage correctly in order to remain in compliancy with the GSA. 

DCCI, LLC offers unprecedented contract administration support. Some of the areas where DCCI, LLC can assist your organization is in management of GSA Advantage uploads, price increase/decrease, product and service additions/deletions, EPA, 72a reporting, mass modifications, etc... 

GSA Advantage Catalog Removal

As of May 2, 2009, GSA began deleting GSA Advantage catalogs that have not been updated in over two years. Contractors, whose catalogs fall into this category, are failing to meet the Multiple Award Schedule contract clause I-FSS-600(a) “Contract Price List,” which states that “Contractors' electronic files must be complete, correct, readable, virus-free, and contain only those supplies and services, prices, and Terms and Conditions that were accepted by the Government.”  Schedule Contracts require that Contractors honor pricing contained in their published catalogs, whether printed or electronic. If you, as a Contractor, receive email notification from GSA that your catalogs are out-of-date; you must, within 90 days, submit the following: 

1) An updated electronic catalog/price list, or

2) An Administrative catalog verifying that your existing online catalog/price list is current and accurate. 

If you choose to do neither, your existing catalog will be removed from GSA Advantage!.

Rapid Action Modification

Rapid Action Modification (RAM) Phase I went into effect on November 16th 2009. The implementation of RAM is a part of the Multiple Award Schedule Modification Process Improvement Program's (MAS Mod Program's) ongoing efforts to improve the way MAS contractors are managed in terms of speed, efficiency, and customer service.

You will not need to sign the SF-30 with a digital signature.  However, you will need a digital certificate to log into the eOffer/eMod system. The types of modifications included in RAM Phase I are:

 Addition Modifications

  • Change of contract administrator, phone, fax, web, email, authorized negotiators, and authorized resellers.

Deletion Modifications

  • Deletion of labor categories, product, and Special Item Number (SIN)

In the coming months, all RAM I modification will only be processed through the eMOD system.

Small Business Certifications -

SBA Certification is a Smart Business Move
Each SBA Program Certification offers unique benefits, which can give your company a definite advantage in pursuing Federal Government Contracts that are set-aside on a 'Restricted or Noncompetitive' basis. Under designated set-aside procurement, only those firms that hold a current certification specific to the designated procurement are allowed to bid. As a woman or minority small-business owner, you are making a smart choice to get your firm designated as an 8(a), SDB or HUBZone Certified Business.

We can help you gain: 
• Small Business Administration (SBA) Federal Certifications  
       o 8(a) 
       o SDB  
       o HUB Zone 
• State and Local Certifications

We Know What It Takes To Get Your Company Certified, DCCI has been providing SBA program services for 25 years. As a former SBA 8(a) participant we understand the process pre and post certification.

Value Proposition:
DCCI's consultative dynamics go far beyond providing forms and advice on what documents to fill out; we work directly as your representative at the General Services Administration. This representative status is valid through the lifecycle of your GSA schedule. DCCI provides the knowledge and experience that the GSA program requires. DCCI keeps your company up to date with changes and compulsory reporting requirements.